RDP Remote Issues

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Hi all,


Sorry not sure if this is the correct thread for this but here goes:-


Have a virtual machine (Windows 2012 VM) on a Windows 2012 hyperv host which is the Windows Server in its Server Core Form (non-GUI)

Have VPN client software installed on a Windows 10 notebook and shows a connection fine, when connecting from offsite.

The remote VM has RDP enabled and the firewall equipment allows for port 3389.

However, even though the VPN client software shows connected to the remote site, when I then try to RDP to the server from outside the premises, it just doesn't connect. I can RDP from within the premises, but not outside. I can't even ping the VM either onsite or offsite when the VPN is enabled.

It only occurs on servers with a hyperv host and VMs. Flat physical build servers with VMs work fine.

Any thoughts much appreciated

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Windows Firewall is also one of the most common causes of Remote Desktop problems. If Remote Desktop is blocked by Firewall, you won't be able to connect it with another device. To check if Windows Firewall blocked Remote Desktop, do the following: Go to Search, type firewall and open Windows Defender Firewall and enable it.
Thanks for the response, but it's not the Windows firewall. I have disabled the firewall and it still doesn't connect. Remote Desktop is already allowed.

Also try on both source and target;


Test-NetConnection -ComputerName "" -Port 3389 -InformationLevel "Detailed"