RDP host domain users can't log in remotely into rdp

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Good morning, I am studying the operation of RDP farms, and my goal for the week is to create an RDP farm in my lab without a connection broker.

The underlying idea is:

Host DC.test.local > Domain controller and Remote Licensing > IP > Domain test > Users: u1 u2 u3

Host TERM1.test.local > RDP session host > IP

Host TERM2.test.local > RDP session host > IP

Host TERM3.test.local > RDP session host > IP

The purpose of the project is to allow all domain users to independently use the RDP hosts, sharing the RDP licenses per user that I purchased and installed on the Remote Licensing server.

So, I started by installing 4 Windows 2019 evaluation VMs, configured the first one as a DC, created the users, and joined the other 3 VMs to the domain.

I installed the Remote Licensing services on DC.test.local and installed the 15 CAL (Client Access License) user licenses, which are activated and ready.

I installed the RDP session host on TERM1.test.local and configured the RDP group policies (type license RDP user, server license DC.test.local, and allow connection 99999).

Now, I was ready to have a beer when I tried to log in with test\u1 in RDP on TERM1.test.local and received this message:

"The connection was denied because the user account is not authorized for remote access."

I should mention that I added the users (u1, u2, u3) to the Remote Desktop Users group on DC.

Thank you, Alessio.

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@Dave Patrick 

thanks for the suggestion, I read the doc and also checked the local policies.
Nothing to be done, the problem remains.

Need help :)