RDP gateway session disconnects on single packet loss

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Good Morning,


I'm trying to troubleshoot an issue with one of my remote clients losing their RDP session through a gateway server after a single packet drops. I can run a constant ping to their firewall and see when the packet drops, which causes the disconnect. The ms response times average about 34 and the drops don't seem to be occurring in high ms situations. 


I've been looking for support articles to increase the threshold of that timeout but can't seem to find anything relevant to an RDS Gateway session in conjunction with windows 10 and 2012R2 beyond high ms tolerance. Non-gateway connections will attempt to reestablish session for around 60 seconds before timing out. Any connections through the gateway will immediately drop session and require a new connection. 


The client pc I'm working with is a Windows 10 setup utilizing a site-to-site connection between a Meraki and a Fortigate. They are still using the older rdp protocol instead of the newer client on Windows 10. 


Any thoughts or ideas would be great. Thanks much! 

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