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I had purchased an OEM copy of Server 2019 Data Center so I could play around with it outside of my MCSE MCSA class.   I was going to do a clean install of Windows 10 Pro prior to starting class this semester, so I loaded Windows Server up and played around with it for a few weeks.   When this semester started I reloaded my Windows 10 Pro version and stuck the product key sticker on the side of my computer.   My 3 year old daughter apparently didn't approve of it's location and removed the sticker.  Since I had actually activated it and it's OEM, so it is licensed only to my system, is there a way to retrieve that key?  


I know this is only community support so you have not been endowed with the powers I am needing to resolve the issue, just wondering if anybody knows from experience.   If not a link to the correct support page would be appreciated.




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If it was digital media you might check email history. If it was physical media there's a chance the seller may have some record.