Printer Going Offline

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I am working in junior system admin position and still going trough learning curve. I am finding that network printer in the office is going offline every few days.  When i log into server and look at the printer managers I see all other printers have ready status but printer in questions have either offline/not ready. At this point I usually find bunch of jobs stuck in the queue which I clear but even after that printer is still offline. I would then try to re-start print spooler few times and sometimes even whole OS reboot. Sometimes after this printer would come back online and at this point even it is not back online and I would go directly to printer and to reboot on it.


I guess what my question is if this troubleshooting routine is good and if there are any other steps I can take to quicker resolve this. Also where would I find exactly why this is happening. I am thinking maybe in event log but where within even log?


Any info from the community would be much appreciated

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@Stribor Kam What sort of port is it when you look at the printer properties? I've seen similar behavior with my Lexmark printer when it was using a WSD port, I changed to a standard TCP/IP port and all has been fine.

Hi @Mark Lewis 

Yes it is WDS port but I just went trought automatics steps when I was installing this on the server

@Stribor Kam Try adding a standard TCP/IP Port and see if that stops it going offline. I found this resolved my print issues previously.