Orphaned DFS, can't remove

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At some point in the past a customer must have toyed with DFS then abandoned it.  We're now preparing to deploy DFS Namespaces and after DFS was installed on Server 2022 an old one showed up:




Clicking on it gives me the RPC Server not found.  I can "hide" it but it says it'll still be available, but since it doesn't work it really should be deleted.


I can only assume they toyed with doing roaming profiles or something in the past.  The Namespace doesn't exist when I attempt to browse to it and when it use ASDI Edit (as described here: https://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/ie/en-US/2463ce92-7767-4135-b8c7-31c736bdabc2/orphaned-d...) where I would normally see the orphaned Namespace it's not there.


Any thoughts on where/how I find this Namespace so I can remove it.

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