New Certification for Windows Server 2019

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Does anyone know the status of new certifications for Windows Server 2019? The product has been out for a year now and there is nothing yet.



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Nothing listed here yet.


I'd try asking here in dedicated forums.


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@Dave Patrick 

No  helpful reply, mate. In my job I was asked to take the windows server exam,  found exams r regarding a 4 years old product hence said I'd only take exams based on the latest product. Even to retrieve information from the microsoft certification web page you have to waste much time comparing with Cisco or redhat certification pages. 

Don't know what Microsoft is thinking about the exams regarding server 2019 , although nothing surprising as MS itself remains confused in most of the issues. 

I'd try asking for help here in dedicated cert forums.




@Dave Patrick


Server certs are dead.  Both an instructor at Milwaukee Area Technical Collage for the corse I was going to take to prep for server 2019 and this article says it's dead and suggests Azure or similar insted.