New attribute field in AD

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How to add division attribute field in AD.
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Could you please provide more details ?@yramasamyxybion 

I need to add division filed in AD, I am able to view in attribute editor. But need division as field.

Are you saying you want to add a new attribute in AD for users named as "Division"


If that is the case then you need to add this attribute for that required objects in Schema through ADSI edit@yramasamyxybion 

Yes, I need division as filed like company field, phone number filed like that, I need

Firstly, you should be part of the schema admin group to perform these operations and you can add attribute with below mentioned steps:


Follow these steps to configure attributes

  1. Install the Schema snap-in (Start, Run, regsvr32 schmmgmt.dll).
  2. Go to Start -> Run -> Type MMC and press Enter
  3. Go to File -> Add/Remove Snap-in -> click Add -> Select Active Directory Schema and click Add
  4. Expand the Active Directory schema and Right Click Attributes
  5. Click “Create Attribute”
  6. Create New Attribute window will appear
  7. In Common name enter “Division”
  8. Enter LDAP name also as “Division”
  9. Get OID please refer
  10. Specify the value type you want for this attribute in the drop down list like integer, string etc.
  11. Once created your attribute , you need to add it into the class as below
  12. Once Attribute is created, select Classes
  13. Expand CLASSES and Select User (In your case its user)
  14. Rick click User and select Properties
  15. Click Attribute Tab and click Add
  16. Select the Attribute you created and click OK.
  17. Click OK to close all property windows

Now you can populate the division attribute for users. Please refer below for more info:


No, I asking my question in different way.
In the user profile in AD there is organization.
and there is a field for department/job title/company. so is it possible for me to add more field in that such as unit/section/division?

I dont think it is possible to customize that part@yramasamyxybion