Migrating windows 2011 SBS (Domain controller) to 2019 Essential (Domain Controller)

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I am planning to migrate windows 2011 SBS (Domain controller) to windows 2019 Essential (Domain Controller).

May I know the steps migrate, please ?

Before migrating to 2019 Essential What do I have to do on the old server?



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@LorenzoBandinelli - Depending on which version of SBS 2011 you have, there are different steps. If you have Essentials or Standard.


See the following as starting points:


If you have Standard:


If you have Essentials:


Here is another general one that may help:







Hi @Edward Dake and thanks for replying me.

I checked on the server and it is a standard edition.

So, do I have to follow the link right? is there all the procedures for the migration?



is the procedure the same if they are 2 different servers?



Yes. If you go through the steps, Step 2 is to Install the Server Essentials server in Migration mode. Then later on, Step 6 is to demote and remove the SBS server from the Essentials network. So, both machines are on the same network for a while for you to migrate settings, files, etc. 


Read through them, I anticipate that it has all the steps you need, but every environment is different. If you have other things that are not addressed in the 16 step-by-step instructions, you'll need to search for the items that would address those items.

@Edward Dake

Do you reckon I can follow this video?



Because, it's my first time that I make a migration from a server to another.



@LorenzoBandinelli - Yes, you can probably do this, but from the title it appears to be only Active Directory. You mentioned you had Small Business Server which contains a number of other technologies additional to Active Directory. You'll need to address those that you might be utilizing as well. I'm not sure what all you are using, but if you have Exchange, SQL, IIS, SharePoint, etc. in your environment, you'll need to account for all this as well.