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As my old WHS 2011 system crushed, I decided to go for a full upgrade and installed WS 2022 using a USB key.

I was in a rush as I had only 1 week defore leaving for holidays. I disabled the Administrator account set up an administator account with a different name , chose a "secure" pwd which I DIDN'T write down ( I know it's stupid , but that's how it is...).

Two months later  I'm unable to remember the pwd ; I've tried numerous combinations without success . 

By googling I've found that a  way around was to change the Utilman.exe file . I reloaded the eval version on a USB key , booted on that key in order to access a command menu. I can't go any further as I can't find that famous Utilman.exe file.

Any help would be much appreciated .... and I promise , this time, to write down the new pwd !!!




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It's in the \system32 directory



Thanks for your answer . Unfortunately no utilman file in that directory but in one of the sub directories . I found a way around to fix my pb.