ISSUE: Windows Server 2022 Generic KMS Keys appear as Server 2021 in VAMT 3.x


When implementing Windows Server 2022 Generic Volume License Keys, the Server is recognized as Windows Server 2021.





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All Server 2022 keys are named Server 2021 in the pkeyconfig (because that was the planed name)
don't get too attached to numbers :)

@abbodi1406 @Mary Hoffman so can we expect as you Mary said this a known issue and the ADK will be updated, also to fix the database issue (workaround from community works).

Thanks for your reply Abbodi.

It's not ADK issue, it can only be fixed with updated pkeyconfig.xrm-ms

Hi @Mary Hoffman, is there any ETA for a fix of both issues (wrong displayname for Windows Server 2022, VAMT DB issue as in reference?


Thank you, I understand it is a minor thing, but it's been a while so sorry for asking and tagging. Hope you can help to tell more about the triage state so that the ADK / VAMT DB issue and the  config file as @abbodi1406 mentioned could get fixed.

This issue persists in VAMT from Windows 11 ADK 22H2.