How to Use Public Domain Name In internal domain Server

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Hello Group Members,


How can I use Public Domain Name (eg. in Internal domain server (configured by me). Our company would like to use their public domain name in my domain server because of they want exchange server mailbox with their domain name but I don't know how to do it. Dead-line is next coming week that's why please help me. 

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Hi @EiMonHtun 


If I am understanding correct, you want your users to have a mailbox that is is 

Provided you add as an accepted domain and point your MX records to your Exchange server you can have any external domain as a valid email primary or alias address you own.


If you want users to be able to log onto your systems with you can add in a domain suffix in AD Domains and trusts > Properties > Alternative UPN suffixes and add in You will need to add in as a DNS zone in your DNS as well.



Thank you for your time. Your Answer help me a lot.