How to configure to cache public domain long time

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We have DNS server Internal and recursive for public domain , but when when show cache dns i see seem it only cache about 5 minus. How to can all public domain cache than 1 hour



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It's the TTL of the record in the public DNS, how the record is registered there is important. The record seems to have a TTL of 5 minutes, you can cache all you want... But it the public record has a TTL of 5 minutes and it changes, then it would be nice if you received that updated record instead of trying to keep on to a possibly outdated record ;)
Yes, but i still want cache it than 5 minutes , if you know please guide help me . I try Set-DnsServerCache MaxTtl but seen not ok
Like I explained, the website has a TTL which is configured by the company hosting it. They set it to 5 minutes for example, if they change the ip-address of the website.. Then you will have to wait 5 minutes max for it to be in your DNS server when requesting.

My advice; Open a Microsoft Ticket and let them work on your issue, your trying to fix/change things but the real issue why this is happening is not being solved now ;)