High Availability configuration in windows server 2016

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Hello Team,


I have been having an issue configuring HA in windows server 2016.

  • I have the two servers configured
  • The SQL Express is installed on both servers as a requirement

But there was no success in configuring this.


If anyone could help me on how to set up high availability "HA" in windows server 2016.




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@tonnybabs - Which service (or app) are you trying to make HA? Are you trying to make SQL HA? I cannot tell by your question.


As far as building a base cluster with Windows 2016, this documentation may assist:


Create a failover cluster




High availability is not a feature of SQL Express edition.



You'll also find more SQL HA experts over here in dedicated forum.








This is one of the Best guides out there to help you set up your Highly Available Fail over Cluster in Windows Server 2016 and since you haven't mentioned which services you wanna use on it, here is for Hyper-V VM,

most of it is similar for all services so it should give you an overall idea if you're new to this




@Edward Dake 


It is on Windows' level not on SQL. I actually set up two servers and I want both to be on high availability. 

Thank you.