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GPO Drive Map some drives not mapping

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So have created a GPO under User Configuration - Preferences - Windows Settings - Drive Maps and I have 7 drives configured each pointing to a different share.

These are using item level targeting as well to for specific users in specific groups

Now most of the drive maps correctly except for 1


If I make a different GPO with just the one that does not work, it works fine

I'm at a loss to where to look to see why that one drive out of 7 does not work.


The user has permissions to the shared folder,

can can access the shared folder,

can manually map the drive

RSoP does not show any errors, and it does not show the Drive Maps at all(not sure if it supposed to)

gpresult does show that the GPO for the Drive Map is being applied


This is as Server 2016 domain(2008 level) with Win10 Client


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The user doesn't have a large groupmembership as in about 125 groups? (Nested / in total) Token Bloat, so many memberships that group memberships are not working anymore and random which one.

Other than that, you didn't assign the same drive letter to a that user for two different shares?


Nope, only member of like 3-4 groups.
Drive Letter is one that is Not already mapped.

If I do a test GPO with the same settings, same drive letter it works

Just will not work with the current GPO that I have

It does work in a new GPO with all the settings from the other one or just the one that is not working?
I put the not working one by itself in a new GPO and it works.
And they are all item-level targeted mappings? Does it have AND instead of OR perhaps if you have multiple rules?