GPMC cant view RSoP if no User Policy settings is selected

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Hi all,

we are facing a problem in the Group Policy Management Console (gpmc). When we run the Group Policy Result Wizard for a server without user policy selection we get the Group Policy Error :

The wizard was unable to generate the Group Policy data due to the error listed below. Details: (NONE).


If we run the Group Policy Result Wizard for the same server with a user profile selected, the report is successfully generated and displayed. What is the difference in generating a Group Policy Result when no user profile is specified in the Group Policy Result Wizard. How can we troubleshoot this Error? 

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Hi @Windows_Server Team,


The above described problem with the RSoP report creation can be reproduced 100% and is a bug of Windows Server 2022! With all other server versions we could not reproduce the behavior. We were able to reproduce it on new servers in Azure as well as on OnPrem. New Environment etc.


Here are the steps to reproduce the Error on a Windows Server 2022 that is a member of a domain:

- Start CMD
- Type rsop.msc
- let rsop successfull create a report
- Select the root tab in the rsop console -> right click -> change query
- Computer Selection -> click next
- User Selection -> Select [x] Do not display user policy .... -> next
- Summary of Selections -> Next
- Boom : The Error in RSoP is generated


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Rsop.msc has been deprecated many years ago, not sure if it is revelant. However I'm indeed able to reproduce the bug within "Group Policy Results" category of a GPMC based on a fully updated (2023-05) Windows Server 2022.
Generating a report with "Display user settings only" works fine, genrating a report with both user and computer settings works fine.
Issue only appears when selecting "do not display user policy settings in the result (display computer settings only)" on the wizard. it does not matter if you target a local or remote computer.
As a workaround, Group Policy modeling does not seem to be affected.

Not sure Microsoft is gonna fix this issue unless you open a Support ticket tho.