Get-PartitionSupportedSize hangs forever when Azure File Sync is installed

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This is occurring on several servers and all volumes that file sync setup


Get-PartitionSupportedSize -DiskNumber 5 -PartitionNumber 2


Server info:

Windows 2019


RDM disk setup to 3PAR storage.


If I stop with above all works perfectly and has for years and previous windows versions

I install Azure File Sync and the command hangs and will never return to a prompt. No error no output.

This has to be some sort of bug right? Cannot find any info about this.

We have several automated disk extension runbooks that need this resolved

Any suggestions?

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I cannot believe no one has any ideas. This problem still exist. No one else has ran into this. I know this is pretty new but I thought someone might has ran into it or Microsoft can try to duplicate the issue.
Still have not found a solution to this issue. Can someone actually confirm they have seen this issue?

upgraded to v15 of the azure sync services and still has the same issue.