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Freaky GPO Situation

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I transferred a Server 2010 AD to a Server 2012R2 and everything went smooth but for some reason, the GPO will not apply to the users, only the computers. Even if I create a new GPO and link it - it doesn't work for the user profile only the computer.  Adding a new user does not work either.


I am unable to find any resources on this issue too



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HI Mark,


I assume you transferred FSMO roles from Windows Server 2008 to 2012 R2? I have not yet heard of Server 2010 to be honest.


Can you open an elevated command prompt and type 'net share'? Does it show a SYSVOL and NETLOGON share? Did you demote the old server after you migrated the roles?


Mariëtte Knap

Transferred FSMO = correct

Windows Server 2008 = correct

Doesn't look like there is a NETLOGON share