Event ID 32 Key Distribution Center (KDC) error

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I have the below entry in my Windows Server 2019's system event log. I'm unable to locate any information in Microsoft support or on the web. Is this an error that needs correcting? I appreciate any input. Thank you.


Event ID: 32

Source: Kerberos-Key-Distribution-Center

"The Key Distribution Center (KDC) uses a certificate without KDC Extended Key Usage (EKU) which can result in authentication failures for device certificate logon and smart card logon from non-domain-joined devices. Enrollment of a KDC certificate with KDC EKU (Kerberos Authentication template) is required to remove this warning.

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Same problem in our environment. I guess it happens sometimes when user try to authenticate to remote app using windows hello and smartcard cert, then user failed to authenticate.
Anyone know what this problem is related to?

@adminaz-pl, it would seem that with the vast amounts of information floating around, there would be more information. It is very frustrating to have a server that spits out events that are untraceable.