DNS suffix is added when using nslookup but not when using ping or browsing

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Hi everyone,


I am using Windows Server 2016, running DHCP and DNS. I have configured DHCP option 15 to add suffix "abc.de". In the DNS server, I've created a zone called "corp.abc.de" .Entries in that zone should be resolvable only by hostname. In theory, if I want to ping user.corp , this should be resolved as the FQDN user.corp.abc.de .




Server config:

A record: "user" inside the forwarding Lookup zone "corp.abc.de"


Client machine:

We run the below command that works

nslookup user.corp

Server: DC.corp.abc.de


Name: user.corp.abc.de


Then we rung the below command that should also work, but it doesn't.

ping user.corp

Ping request could not find host user.corp. Please check the name and try again.


This however, works on Linux machines, but doesn't work on Windows or MAC. 

I've tried reinstalling the server (both with DC AD and without). After spending 2 days on this, I'm out of ideas. Any help will be highly appreciated.


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What's the output of "ipconfig /all" on your client? Please also post a screenshot of your network adapter's TCP/IPv4 advanced properties, the DNS tab.