Disable Certificate revocation list check when starting applications in Windows server

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Since the Windows servers (2016) we are using don't have internet access, it would take very long time (10-30secs ) to open an application (Putty, Notepad++, Word, Excel, Adobe PDF reader and so on). Once the application is launched, the subsequent launching would be very fast (1-3 sec). But the long delay opening application will happen again after some time (1-2 days). As I investigate, it's likely to be related to CRL check on the code-signed applications. I flush dns cache and then launch the application, for example, notepad++, I got the dns cache indicating the server was trying to contact or Even I unchecked the Check for publisher's certificate revocation option under Control Panel -> Internet Options -> Advanced -> security, it remained the same. I traced the DNS local cache, it is still trying to reach the CRL sites to verify the certificates. I am at a loss now, can anyone help please? Thanks.

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You could try stopping and disabling the "Cryptographic Services" service, but this could have some other effects...

thanks @Harm_Veenstra It looks like it's related to XDR on the server.

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yes, it's Palo Alto's cortex XDR. I found that it kept checking application publisher's certificate by reaching out to CRL, since there's no internet access, it would fail and cause the delay in opening the application. I manually disabled XDR on the test server, and the delay never happened again.