DFSR Replication Error on member 2016 Server

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We have 4 file servers and 4 domain controllers. 3 of the 4 file servers and 4 of the domain controllers are replicating with no issues. One file server is not replicating at all and we are receiving event id's 6404 and 5008 in the logs when looking in the event viewer.


The DFS Replication service failed to replicate the replicated folder at local path X:\XXXXX because the local path is not the fully qualified path name of an existing, accessible local folder.


Event ID 6404:
Additional Information:
Replicated Folder Name: Clinical
Replicated Folder ID: C984975E-8EC6-465A-90B0-E9EF8293DCF3
Replication Group Name: 
Replication Group ID: 84FA865F-0050-4F7E-9D16-70DA1DD4AF3B
Member ID: A58C6DEE-459E-4069-BC7F-EA761CC06007


Event ID 5008

The DFS Replication service failed to communicate with partner WRENS-PRT01 for replication group **bleep**.local\shares\information technology. This error can occur if the host is unreachable, or if the DFS Replication service is not running on the server.

Partner DNS Address: Wrens-prt01.**bleep**.local

Optional data if available:
Partner WINS Address: Wrens-prt01
Partner IP Address:

The service will retry the connection periodically.

Additional Information:
Error: 1722 (The RPC server is unavailable.)
Connection ID: A508495D-138A-43AD-BDFC-8519EA892777
Replication Group ID: CBB21F79-51B0-4572-9C59-5755F1EBA76C


I have looked and cannot find any information on how to properly correct this issue.

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