DFSR issues

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Before getting at the main issue of this problem, it's worth knowing that we had to migrate an old domain controller that existed with 2 other domain controllers, but the last two were down because of a crash. After migrating the old one to 2 new ones, we had to reboot the old domain controller, but it never came backup up. We figured everything was ok since everything worked at the time.


However when activating the group policies, we noticed that they were not always being applied when a user logged in. In the event viewer of the computer we saw event ID 1508 pop up saying the user doesn't have the rights to access the SYSVOL share.


We narrowed it down not being a firewall issue, nor a network/dns issue. 


On the primary domain controller we see:




On the secundairy controller we see:




On both domain controllers de DFSR-GlobalSettings OU is empty.


Is there an easy way to fix this?

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