DFSR delete the file before replication

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In our environment, we have two sites and both sites have two files servers. Like,

Site 1 - ServerS101, ServerS102

Site 2- ServerS201, ServerS202


With this, there are three replication groups which I have created. It was all working fine till last month, but all sudden it has started showing some problems. 


Let say, there is replication group and all fours servers are the member of it. I create a new excel file on one server and it replicates to other member servers without any problem. But, if I edit the same file, then first it deletes the file from all member servers and then replicates the updated file on all member servers.


As far as i know about DFSR behavior, if a file gets updated, then it replicates only the updated content on all other member servers without deleting the existing file.


Please help me in fixing this problem and let me know if you need more information.




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Yes, it is already installed but still has the same problem. Btw, this update has been superseded by its July update. Still, the issue is not fixed. 

Then it's not an issue I'm familiar with, and I recommend you open a case with MS Support. It could be a new bug.

@Ned Pyle A case was opened with MS and I worked with them for at least 6-7 days but it was not solved. They asked me to create all file servers again.


As far as I think, RDC is not working properly. Because files are replicating, but they get removed before replicating again. As per RDC, it should only replicate the changes to the file. If you have anything by which I can check the functionality of RDC and recommendations to check for RDC proper functionality. Please share it with me.

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RDC is not involved here. The behavior you are describing is an interop problem between application behaviors in Office and with DFSR. Office operates differently than almost any user app on Earth in how it constantly locks, swaps, replaces files. 


Did recreating file servers (I don;t know what this means) solve the issue? You need to reopen this case, MS Support should not have closed it, they should have escalated it.


@Ned Pyle I didn't recreate all 20 servers. I just left it as it is because I was trying to find the best solution to move everything to the cloud.


But your reply gave me a new direction to work on this issue again. Before opening a case with MS again. Can you please help me from where I can start finding the root cause?

It needs the attention of MS Support, I cannot help you in this level of detail. Please work with them and escalate the case.

Thanks for your help @Ned Pyle. I really appreciate the same. But I am really confused about how to start this thing with Microsoft regarding MS Office.

Simply: tell them that DFSR PM says that any case where DFSR is leading to Office files being deleted accidentally is a bug, and they need to treat it as such.

Thank you, Ned. Information provided from you really helped me.