CreateJunction inside Docker volume works on Datacenter Edition but not on Standard Edition

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Hi all, 

I'm using a Windows Server machine to build my code with Bazel inside a Windows docker container. 

I want to use a docker volume to keep the Bazel cache between builds. When using Windows 10 Pro or Windows Server 2022 Standard Edition I run into this error. However, when using Windows Server 2022 Datacenter Edition everything works fine. 

I would understand if it wasn't working only on Windows 10 Pro as isolation modes are different (windows : hyper-v virtual machine, server: process) . From the Datacenter specification, I cannot find what justifies this difference. 

I know this seems like a Bazel bug but the fact that it works on the Datacenter Edition and not on the Standard Edition makes me think there is more to it. 

Does anyone know what causes this difference?

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