Could not promote new domain controller.

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I am trying to upgrade/migrate my exsisting Win2012 DCs to Win 2022. 


I have 2 DCs running win2012 R2, I created 2 new win 2022 server, joint them to AD. however when I am trying to run dcpromo, it keeps asking to run adprep. 


I have run adprep successfully, yet dcpromo still not allowing me to promote new DCs.Screenshot 2024-01-05 134738.png 

another few attempts returns different errors. some fail at pre-requisite checks.

Screenshot 2024-01-05 135006.png

any suggestions?


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Hi @lannyzhang,

Based on the information you provided and additional resources, here are some suggestions:

  1. Adprep /forestprep and /domainprep: Ensure you use the correct version of adprep for your system (x64 or x32 disc).

  2. Prerequisites and Permissions: Confirm that the server meets system requirements, has the AD DS role installed, and the administrator has appropriate group memberships.

  3. DNS Settings: Check and correct any incorrect or incompatible DNS settings that may lead to DCPROMO failures.

  4. Replication Failures: Resolve any replication issues with old domain controllers, removing orphaned ones if necessary.

  5. Check FSMO Roles: Verify the validity of FSMO role holders using Netdom query fsmo.

  6. Rebuild _msdcs zone: Consider rebuilding the _msdcs zone if promotion issues persist.

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make sure you have also migrated you NTFSR to DFS-R on your WS 2012 /R2 rig BEFORE dealign with Windows Server 2022. It it is a requirement.

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