Connect ISO to Windows 10 build 14971 Hyper-V machine and the computer freeze

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I connect SQL Server 2014 ISO (I downloaded different images (Standard, Enterprise, with sp1,, with sp2... from MSDN with the same result) to a VM. When I am executing the setup, at the few seconds, the computer freeze, not the VMs, all computer freeze. I have a option, power off the computer an start again.


I have the same problem in two different computers since build 14971.

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More information about this.


If I copy the ISO into VMs, load and execute the setup. All works well.


If I connect the ISO through the Hyper-V into the VMs, when I run the setup, all system freeze, not only the VM.

I wouldn't expect the machine to hang.

Do you have the ISO copied locally to the Hyper-V Server?

Is it attached to only one VM at a time?