Cluster aware updating services for AWS

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HI all,


Sorry if this is the wrong forum for this question.


Its only a simple one though, the Cluster Aware updating service, am I able to use this on Windows clusters in AWS? I.E we have a few IIS/SQL clusters within AWS I want to try and get on to automated updates but the documentation doesn't exactly say if it will work with AWS services.


Anyone successfully set it up before?




James Shaw

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Looks to be doable. You could test the update readiness here.

Cluster-Aware Updating requirements and best practices | Microsoft Docs




@Dave Patrick 


I have read all the docs etc. Which is one thing that brought me to asking the question specifically for AWS, I am guessing mostly because they are VMs in the "cloud", it should work as normal as if it was a VM in VMWare/Hyper-V cheers for your reply bud!


I think I'll just trial and test the dev environment first. :)


I'll try to remember to update this post once I have done my tests just in case anyone else might have the same query in the future.

Sounds good. Testing update readiness should be non destructive.