Changing Domains and Exchange

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We have a client with multiple servers in an old "business.local" domain. Their SVR1 is a domain controller and SVR2 is BDC and email server. I have created a new SVR01 under the new domain and moved the desktops into it. Now I want to remove Exchange 2013 on SVR2, then demote the server. After that I plan to join SVR2 to the new domain "" and reinstall Exchange. Essentially moving the server into a new domain and recreating the Exchange Server under the new domain name. Leaving mailboxes and File Storage intact. Then reattach/reapply Users, Mailboxes, and File Permissions.

All of the Servers get Nightly Backups.

I've tried other methods of renaming, etc. and seen bad results. I'm hoping this is a way to move them forward and remove the certificate and security issues of the .local domain carried forward from SBS. 

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Not sure what's the point of reusing the old windows that exchange was installed on? Better option would be to just stand up a new one, patch fully (assumes virtual environment) or clean install, etc. it if physical box.

As to the exchange migration task I'd suggest asking subject matter experts in dedicated forums over here.




I understand that thinking. Our main reason is downtime. SVR2 is newer and excellent hardware that we plan to keep a couple more years. But, clients can't deal with any downtime these days. We're trying to limit the downtime using the method I described. The SVR1 hardware is the one we are replacing this round. The SVR1 server runs all of the virtual systems currently and needs more power and resources. In order to properly move this client forward, we have to change that old "overdue" "business,local" domain name. You make a valid point and I was looking at that Server software. Perhaps we could virtualize the current Exchange Server on other hardware and then reload the exiting hardware as you suggested thus keeping downtime to minimum. Thank you for pointing me toward the Exchange group. I'm new to this site and could not find a location to post Exchange questions.

Sounds good, you're welcome. Clean installing the operating system and patching should not take all that much time to do (assumes you're not talking 2012 or older) and in the end you'll know the install is clean and free of corruption (less overall downtime). If you have the option to virtualize then this may make the task even easier.


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