Cannot get default associations configuration XML file to apply to user at logon

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I have a GPO set to use a particular XML file with the default app associations our organization wants to use for all users.  The XML file is on a network share and was created using DSIM from an existing workstation that is already setup correctly.




When I run "gpupdate.exe /force" and "gpresult /r" I can see that the policy is applying to the test user, but the app associations do not change.


Screenshot 2023-02-17 092640.png


For example, we would like .pdf files to open with Acrobat, not with Edge, but even after running the gpupdate.exe command and restarting the computer, the app association for .pdf remains associated with Edge.  Any thoughts on what might be causing this?


Screenshot 2023-02-17 092555.png




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We are encountering the same issue.