Cannot delete a foldershare remotely

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We have shared folders which must be copied and deleted regurally. So i made a powershell script and try to do copy and delete the share but i can only copy the complete folderstructure but not delete it and not move it remotely.


When all subfolders and files are copied to another server then the rootfolder share is empty but cannot be deleted remotely not in a batchfile with cmd not with powershell and not with robocopy.

Process is in use. But when i make a new share end trie it is also not deleted, just the subfolders.

When i delete the complete patch remotely then it can be deleted but not the share.


what can be deleted is: \\servername\patch to share\share

or \\servername\e$\patch


Is there somewhere a setting that prevents deleting rootfolder shared folders?

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