Can't connect Remote Desktop Server to License manager for RDP connections. 2022 Server on Vmware

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Hi, I've been struggling with this for days. We set up a 2022 Server as a RDP server for a few users to connect to as virtual desktops. At that time, we did not have CALs yet, so I could not connect it to a license manager. By the time I received the CALs, the grace period had passed and users weren't able to connect anymore on RDP. When the CALs arrived, I set up a license manager on the domain controller, but the RDP server didn't connect to it to get the licenses.

So I installed the license manager on the RDP server itself and migrated the licenses to that. They show up fine in License Manager, but users still can't make RDP connections (not even domain admins). I've tried many things to fix it. One issue the RD Licensing Diagnoser listed was that the Licensing Mode was not set. I couldn't find a way to do it through the GUI, so I went into the registry and changed it from '5' (not set) to '4' (Per User). That issue no longer shows up, but it still shows the other issue:  "The Grace period has expired but the RD Session Host has not been configure with any license servers." The license server is active on the RDP server, and in the registry it lists the server name under license servers. Still can't connect.

I tried uninstalling and reinstalling RDP roles. On Server manager, it has a Remote Desktop Services tab. On that section, it shows the server under "Servers", but on Overview, it says "A remote desktop services deployment does not exist in the server pool. To create a deployment, run the add roles and features wizard and select the remote desktop services installation option."
When I re-run that, it finds the server in "RD Connection Broker". I chose "Standard Deployment", then "Virtual Machine-based desktop deployment". I go through the next three steps and make sure the server is chosen in all 3, then click "Deploy". It shows that the "RD Connection Broker role service" and "RD Web access role service" succeed, but fails on "RD Virtualization Host role service". The error shown is:
Unable to install RD Virtualization Host role service on server (name.domain)
Exception of type 'System Exception' was thrown.
I've even uninstalled all the RDP services except the license manager are reinstalled, and still no change.
Any help is greatly appreciated.

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