Automatic time change in Windows Server 2012 R2

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Hi, everyone,


Sorry for my English, I have this problem with the server, The server has the correct time zone, -04: 00 Santiago, but it automatically anticipates the minutes to fix the time, what I have done is update Windows, check the time in the BIOS, synchronize with an internet clock but still thus, it is 4 hours ahead, I cannot think of anything else to try, I have seen in other sites that this problem has been presented to other people with the same version of the server but they do not indicate a different solution to the ones I have already tried. Does anyone have any ideas that can help me please, the server is an HP Proliant DL180 G9 and the Windows is Server 2012 R2 Standard

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Let's do two things, first

w32tm /query /configuration, then check to find the NTPServer: returned and do 

w32tm /stripchart / /dataonly /samples:5


as in my example below





@Dave Patrick Using the commands that you indicated to me as an administrator, it shows me the following


It should indicate 17:17 but it indicates 21:17

so you're saying
w32tm /query /configuration
returns with




@Dave Patrick after starting the windows time service it looked like this




 after starting the windows time service

Why is it not already running? Seems that may be at least one problem. Also post the text result of

w32tm /query /configuration





@Dave Patrick Ready I could solve it, activate the windows time service then synchronize with the time server and it has been maintained thank you very much for your help

Glad to hear, you're welcome.


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H@jose_man1010  Hello

could you let us know how to did sync  with the time server