Active Directory: can "Licensing Site Setting" object safely deleted?

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Over the years our domain has been updated several times (Windows NT-Windows 2000-Windows2003-Windows 2008R2-Windows2019)

As a result, it certainly has objects that are no longer really needed.

For example, in some sites, we have a "Licensing Site Settings" object.

After researching on the Internet, we have only found that earlier (Windows 2000/2003) on the domain controllers had a "License Logging Service" and this object comes from this time.
In Windows 2008 Server and newer, this service ("License Logging Service") has disappeared.
Unfortunately, the "Licensing Site Settings"- objcet still exist in some sites.

Can we delete the "Licensing Site Settings" object without concern?

Thanks in advance.

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@Silvan DiemDid you ever get an answer to this?  I am facing the same situation right now.  I am migrating AD from a 2011 SBS box to Server 2016.  The SBS box is marked as the role for this but if its not needed I would like to just delete the object completely. 


Hi, no i never get any answer on this. but i think i could delete this objects anyway. 


br silvan

@Silvan Diem
I came across this thread, I have the same question and I was curious if you ended up deleting the objects without any issues? I believe I can because under the properties of 'Licensing Site Settings' the Computer and Domain fields say: Invalid and Invalid. Thanks

@Silvan Diem Do you delete it? does anyone actually answer your question? this question has been drifted here for years and is a legitimate question. 


I have the entry in the Active Directory Sites and Services and I wonder If I just delete it.


Computer and Domain say: invalid.