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3df Zephyr on Windows Server

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Hi, I just start  working with Windows Server 2016 on a Virtual Machine. The reason is that I want to use a photogrammetry software and my PC is to slow. When installing and then starting 3df Zephyr I get an Error message that my OS does not Support OpenGPL 2.0

The question is what possibilities I have to get Zephyr to Work.

Thanks, Markus


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We wouldn't have any idea really. Better to ask vendor or in their forums for help.

Support - 3Dflow



@Dave Patrick 

Thanks for your answer.  I started that query in parallel.

I asked here because I hoped there may be a possibility to emulate Win 10 in Windows Server.



may be a possibility to emulate Win 10 in Windows Server.


Sounds good, hard to say what this even means. Windows Server 2016 v1607 is based on an older version of Windows 10. Windows 10 v1607 was retired in 2018

Better option may be to add more resources and try a higher edition of Windows 10

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