[HLK LoadGen Server Test] How to determine the q'ty of SC(Stress Client) is enough for LoadGen test?

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Hi sir,


I could not find any information about how to determine the q'ty of SC(Stress Client) is enough for LoadGen test for Windows Server OS certification test, I only get the information from below article:


It says:

  • Eight (8) x64 client machines that act as the SC systems. LoadGen supports up to 64 SC machines, but eight is usually sufficient.

Does that mean the 8x SC is the minimum q'ty required for the test?


We have a Server system and requires to performed the HLK with Server 2022 Datacenter, but I got a message from our customer that a SC is acceptable for the LoadGen test, but I don't think so, because according to my 10+ years WHQL testing experience, it usually tested with at least 8 SCs for logo submission, that's why I need help to understand if only one SC is really acceptable for LoadGen Server test? And, how to determine the q'ty of SC for the SUT on the test?


Second, since we plan to purchase 10 new Servers for the test request(1 for HLK Controller/Studio, 1 for MC, and 8 for SC), but our customer said that only one Server is enough, others can be by Virtual Machine, which means, they said that we only need to purchase one new Server, which act as HLK Controller/Studio, and create 2x Virtual Machines by Hyper-V, one for MC and another one for SC, that saves the money, but I'd like to know, does that make sense on HLK test?





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Suppose below information answers my question:

Loadgen requests more clients
If existing clients cannot generate enough stress against the SUT, Loadgen asks for more stress clients (SCs). This feature is intended to accommodate large servers, and the possibility of some SCs failing in the middle of a run. In general, you should start with eight SCs. The stress level should stabilize in the first three to four hours of the test. If more clients are needed, you will generally see the pop-up in the master controller (MC) in that time frame. You will have sixty minutes to add a new client or the test will terminate and fail.

It says that I should start with eight SCs, so I think that only one SC should be with failing result.

Please correct me if I am wrong.