First published on TechNet on Nov 22, 2005
Michelle Dixon of Microsoft SBS Support writes about a great Exchange 2003 resource:

OWA Admin Tool

In the past, if you needed to customize features in OWA, such as hiding Calendar or Journal, you had to edit the registry and add some not-very-intuitive values. Now we have a GUI-based tool, the OWA Administration Tool. The same complicated changes you previously had to make via regedit, can now be done with a check box.

The tool is easy to install and requires no configuration. You can download the OWA Admin tool from the following link:

To access the tool once it is installed, go to Start, All Programs, Microsoft Exchange, Outlook Web Access Administration Tool. This will bring up a SharePoint type web page.  You can also access the tool by going to https://servername/OWAAdmin

Here is a link to an article that has a map to the links from the main OWA Admin page.

In my opinion, this tool will be a wonderful time and frustration saver for anyone looking to customize OWA!

-- Michelle Dixon