Installation of the Intranet Component May Fail in Small Business Server 2003
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First published on TechNet on Feb 25, 2010
[ Today’s post comes to us courtesy of Douglas Boyd and Damian Leibaschoff from Commercial Technical Support]

In the past few months we started seeing the recurrence of an old issue that was previously documented in:

832880:  You cannot successfully install the intranet component or connect to http://companyweb in Windows Small Business Server 2003;EN-US;832880

However, the scope of the SBS 2003 media affected by this issue has effectively changed. You now need to use SBS 2003 with SP1, SBS 2003 with SP2, or SBS 2003 R2 media to have a successful installation. Any older media will encounter the problem, no matter the version of SQMCFG.DLL present on CD 3.

This problem may occur if one of the following used to install the Intranet component:

  1. Original CD3 Media.
  2. Any SBS 2003 media that does NOT include SBS 2003 SP1 preinstalled.
  3. Replacement CD3 Media obtained to replace an original CD3.
  4. Downloaded versions of WSS 2.0 that contain pre sp4 versions of WMSDE

Background Information:

When SBS 2003 originally released in 2003, an issue was discovered with the way WMSDE verified the validity of a SharePoint file. To work around the problem, a fix was created ( KB832880 ) and a NEW release of SBS 2003 shipped that included updated files on CD 3. However, this would only circumvent the problem until late 2009. A proper resolution to this issue was not available until Service Pack 4 was released for the SharePoint WMSDE instance ( KB909544 ).


The following error is generated when the installation tries to create the configuration database in WMSDE.

Metadata manifest 'C:Program FilesCommon FilesMicrosoft SharedWeb Server Extensions60binsqmsto.dll' does not exist or has invalid signature. (Error code: 2779).

To identify if you have the affected media, look for the existence of a folder named IE6 present on the CD 3 under SBSCLIENTAPPS . If you have the folder, then the CD is older than SP1 and you will experience the problem . If your CD 3 does NOT have the SBSCLIENTAPPSIE6 folder, then it is an SP1 or greater CD.  If that is the case, you will also have a CD 4 that contains the following folder structure:

02/23/2005  01:37 PM             2,238 autorun.ico
02/23/2005  01:37 PM                52 autorun.inf
04/05/2007  10:34 AM    <DIR>          MSDE_SP4
04/05/2007  10:34 AM    <DIR>          SBS
04/05/2007  10:34 AM    <DIR>          WMSDE_SP4


In order to resolve this issue, perform the following steps:

  1. Run SBS Integrated Setup to completion. You will receive a failure on the Intranet component , this is expected. Even so, the SharePoint instance of WMSDE, the SharePoint binaries, and the SharePoint Central Administration site in IIS are all created. If any of these are missing at this point, you will need to find the cause for the failure.
  2. Install the following hotfixes in the order in which they are listed . The first of these updates the WMSDE instance to Service Pack 4 . The second updates the binaries to versions available on the re-release of RTM CD3, but most importantly, it creates the Content Database and provisions the Companyweb website in IIS. They must be installed in this order for the resolution to work.

    1. 909544: An update is available for SQL Server 2000 Desktop Engine (SHAREPOINT);EN-US;909544
      Download Link:

    2. 832880: You cannot successfully install the intranet component or connect to the Companyweb in Windows Small business server 2003. 2003 You cannot successfully install the intranet component or connect to http://companyweb in Windows Small Business Server;EN-US;832880

  3. Verify that you are able to browse http://companyweb . You should see the default intranet site with the SBS specific content.
  4. If previous content needs to be restored please check the following documentation:

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