Inside SBS Episode #15 - The Transition Pack
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First published on TechNet on Feb 24, 2006
In this week's episode, we cover the SBS 2003 Transition Pack.  Before listening to the webcast, I would recommend reading our initial take on this product:

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00:00 Intro and overview
01:02 Errata from last week - Direct Push is in real time, not every 15 mitues
02:48 When can I get the MSFP?
03:47 What is Transition Pack?  Outgrowing
05:25 R2 CAL change
07:23 The media kits - calling Microsoft World Wide Fulfillment 800-248-0655 (US or Canada).
08:40 Transition Pack Upgrade CALs
09:08 3rd Party Products - are you still licensed?
10:42 The SBS components after the Transition Pack
14:20 The not upgrading SBS option- clean install
16:14 Setup failures - Damian's riff on HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosftSmall Business
19:00 What is an inplace upgrade?
24:00 Rolling back
26:01 Signs of failed installs and troubleshooting
33:10 The state of SBS components after the upgrade
35:40 Component CALs after the Transition pack
38:00 Parting thoughts

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