Windows 10 deboat

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I've just been playing around with Powershell seeing what I can teach myself but right now this is a little project I've started to try to see if I can completely debloat windows 10 using powershell


If you have any ideas feel free to let me know what else would make this better.

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You really shouldn't change the ExecutionPolicy at the end of the script. Executing PowerShell with the "-ExecutionPolicy Bypass" does NOT update the registry value for ExecutionPolicy.


Also, you should look for specific displaynames that you are keeping. "*store*" is overly generic. 'Microsoft.StorePurchaseApp' and 'Microsoft.WindowsStore' are the two displaynames that need to be retained.


Lastly, I think you should have a "noGUI" option so that this could be used in a scheduled task or in a deployment sequence.