The term 'New-InformationBarrierPolicy' is not recognized as the name of a cmdlet

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I wonder if you could help. I am setting up Information Barriers on our test tenant to prepare for documentation, user testing prior to implementaton.  


I can create the New-OrganizationSegment but I cannot run New-InformationBarrierPolicy - I receive an error. I have raised this with Microsoft Support today. Any help would be appreciated. I have followed through some of the online threads and checked what I can. I am logged on as Global Admin

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Global admin doesn't get permissions to run all cmdlets by default, make sure you assign yourself the relevant role groups within the Compliance center.
Hello Vasil

Thanks for your help. I have amended the roles available to the user running the script but I am still experiencing the same issues. At a basic level I can I see my Segments in the Interface and via PowerShell but when I attempt to create a IB Policy or add a Segment to a Site I receive an error.

set-sposite -AssignInformationSegment 6715dfd4-336d-4ff8-ac81-4a51a9758d17