task scheduling to automate send email and start the pm2 services

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I have created a website named abccompany.com and used a node js with pm2 services. now I want to use task scheduled like that whenever my website goes down or services goes offline it checks for pm2 status either it is online or offline in every x seconds or minutes and automatically sends an email to admin and starts the services so that there should not be any fault tolerance when anybody reached my website. I just want all this using Power Shell and task scheduler.


If you find any resolution related to my query then please reply me at dpakagarwal737@outlook.com

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Are you looking for a starting point or a full solution?

 #Start your script with a test of services:

$Running = get-service w3svc

#Then do an If/Else

If ($running.state -eq "Running") {}
Else {Start-service w3svc ; Send-mailmessage <lookup this cmdlet and provide values for the parameters>  }