Saving an input to an variable

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How do I save an input given by me to a variable?


For example, when I run a script, which contains the Test-Path command, the Terminal window asks me to insert a path.
How do I save this path to a variable?





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You can insert a $path='c:\temp' at the beginning of the script and use the Test-Path -path $path to test it.

Hello! @balubeto 


You can add a variable to your code by using a dollar sign and then a name for the variable, this will then be followed by an equals sign and the value of the variable.
See an example below

$PathVariable = "C:\Users\User1\Temp\"

Test-Path -Path $PathVariable


You could also make the script more interactive by letting the script ask for input by the user and then saving that input to a variable to then later be used in the script. See example below 


$FilePath = Read-Host "Please enter a filepath to test"

Test-Path -Path $FilePath


Did this answer your question? Otherwise please let me know and I'd love to help you further :)


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You can find all the parameters for test-path in the link below. :thumbs_up::thumbs_up::thumbs_up: