Saving a file to a folder: Access to the path is denied

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I'm getting an error related to not having access to a path on my virtual AWS machine. My profile is administrator


I deal with PHI so I redacted any evidence of where I work or the vendors that I'm pulling data from.


Here is my powershell command:


Invoke-RestMethod 'https://web.*Redacted*.com/api/dataexport/download/*Redacted*' -Headers @{'*Redacted*'} >> C:\Users\pbigateway\OneDrive - *Redacted*\Documents\*Redacted*_Report_APIs\PBI_Dashboard\Daily/$(Get-Date -format "").csv




out-file : Access to the path 'C:\Users\pbigateway\OneDrive' is denied.
At C:\Scripts\PBI_Dashboard_00.ps1:1 char:257
+ ... t_APIs\PBI_Dashboard\Daily/$(Get-Date -format "").csv
+ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
+ CategoryInfo : OpenError: (:) [Out-File], UnauthorizedAccessException
+ FullyQualifiedErrorId : FileOpenFailure,Microsoft.PowerShell.Commands.OutFileCommand

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This format is wrong and wont work
Daily/$(Get-Date -format "").csv


@NPleazy, the error message states that you don't have access to C:\Users\pbigateway\OneDrive.


This happens because your path contains spaces, you should place it between quotes so Powershell knows about the complete path. it would look like this. Take not of the quotes: '

Invoke-RestMethod 'https://web.*Redacted*.com/api/dataexport/download/*Redacted*' -Headers @{'*Redacted*'} >> 'C:\Users\pbigateway\OneDrive - *Redacted*\Documents\*Redacted*_Report_APIs\PBI_Dashboard\Daily/$(Get-Date -format "").csv'

And as @farismalaeb already mentioned, the forward slash won't work. A filename cannot contain any slashes. So you should change the forward slash (/) to a backslash (\). The csv file will be downloaded to the Daily folder.


Grtz Ruud