Refresh OLE DB Query using Powershell

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I have an Excel model with powerquery connections which I need to refresh.


The .RefreshAll() command refreshes all the connections and the pivot tables in the workbook but I want to refresh only the connections and not the pivot tables


How do I accomplish this?



Here's an example of the one of the connections:



Application : Microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel.ApplicationClass

Creator : 1480803660

Parent : System.__ComObject

Name : Query - Fetch_AIO (REF) (4)

Description : Connection to the 'Fetch_AIO (REF) (4)' query in the workbook.

_Default : Query - Fetch_AIO (REF) (4)

Type : 1

OLEDBConnection : System.__ComObject

ODBCConnection :

Ranges : System.__ComObject

ModelConnection :

WorksheetDataConnection :

RefreshWithRefreshAll : True

TextConnection :

DataFeedConnection :

InModel : False


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