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Hi All,
I need help in powershell string replacement using regex.

I need to replace a decimal value after a specific string pattern with a new decimal value stored in a variable. Like, in the entire string, I need to replace all occurrences of ‘Version=xxx’ to ‘Version=$NewValue’. I tried the following but it didn’t work.

$New = $Orig.Replace(‘Version=(\d{1,3})’, ‘Version=$NewValue’)

$New = $Orig.Replace(‘Version=(\d*)’, ‘Version=$NewValue’)

Anyone has any suggestions?


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$string = "This is a string with multiple Version=xxx values that need to be replaced." 
$newValue = "3.14"
# Replace all occurrences of "Version=xxx" with the new value
$string -replace "Version=xxx", "Version=$newValue"


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Hi @nancyvargas,


You can use one of the following methods

  1. First, define the variables for the old value ("xxx") and the new value:
    $OldValue = "xxx"
    $NewValue = "your new value here"

    Next, use the Replace() method to find and replace all occurrences of the old value with the new value in a string:
    $string = "some string with Version=xxx and other text"
    $string = $string.Replace($OldValue, $NewValue)

  2. You can also use the -replace operator to do the same thing:
    $string = "some string with Version=xxx and other text"
    $string = $string -replace $OldValue, $NewValue

  3. If you want to replace all occurrences of "Version=xxx" in a file, you can use the Get-Content cmdlet to read the file into a string, then use the Replace() method or -replace operator as shown above to replace the old value with the new value:
    $fileContent = Get-Content "C:\path\to\your\file.txt"
    $fileContent = $fileContent.Replace($OldValue, $NewValue)
    $fileContent = Get-Content "C:\path\to\your\file.txt"
    $fileContent = $fileContent -replace $OldValue, $NewValue

    Finally, use the Set-Content cmdlet to write the modified string back to the file:
    Set-Content "C:\path\to\your\file.txt" -Value $fileContent

 I hope this helps.