Powershell pre provisioning One Drives on a M365 tenant

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I'm new to PowerShell and trying to follow these instructions to pre provision OneDrives in bulk on a tenant


I connect to my tenant , create a text file with users and save to C drive then try and run the script but get these errors (see pic) any idea what I'm doing wrong? probably something really simple

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What format did you gave to the users file? did you save it where you are calling it? (C:\users.txt)
I called it users and it's a .txt file then saved on my c drive
yes , this is the path where I saved it "C:\users.txt"
Seems users.txt is empty or is failing to load
strange , as a test I have two users email addresses from the tenant in the file who's One Drives are not provisioned. Should it be a .csv file or should it be saved somewhere different to C drive?
After running
$users = Get-Content -path "C:\Users.txt"

call the variable running:


and see if there is any output
that brings up the users on my text file . I'm not running it as an administrator either, is that anything to do with it?

@Andres Gorzelany did you mean like this? (see pic) it bought up the two users on my file

I changed the text file to a .csv and it worked. From the microsoft link in original post it seems to suggest creating a .txt file
It's worked once for one unprovisioned user and I'm doing exactly the same thing again for other un provisioned users and it doesn't work !
The other factor to why it wasn't working was that I was creating new users in the admin centre then trying to provision their One Drives immediately with PowerShell. I'm sure you have to wait for a certain period from when you create a new user to when the provision via PowerShell will work?

@Kevin Egan 

That could also affect