Microsoft 365 Password Expiry email Notification

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Hi Community, 


I have a tenant where password expiry policy is set to notify users 14 days before expiry. 

My understanding is that they receive a pop-up 14 days before expiry with a link to change the password. 


Is it possible have a script that sends an email notification instead? 


Thanks in advance, 


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Thank you, just what I was looking for!


created this 4-5years ago for one of my clients, where we approached this slightly differently and rather than have just a single email being sent at the trigger time that the user would get an email every day until their password expired, advising them their password was going to expire in x days.


Also included logging of accounts due to expire into a CSV file. script uses parameters to allow setting of AD search base, Reports path, Days, from, subject and smtp server directly in the task scheduler


uses the logging functions by Luca Sturlese (which could be replaced with transcription logging) and Send-MailMessage which could be replaced to send emails via ExchangeOnline

Thanks Steve, this is very very helpful!
Insane Job!
Any solution for Cloud Only users? (No Active Directory/AAD Connect in place)
Would like to send an email to users before Password expires.