Manage Teams Apps via PowerShell

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I'm in the process of automating our Office365 via PowerShell and currently working on everything related to "Microsoft Teams (Admin Center)".

I managed to do almost anything but I'm now stuck at the management of apps.


I'm unable to find a powerShell cmd-let for Org-Wide App settings. I.e. "Disable 3rd Party Apps".

Also, I'm having a hard time finding the correct commands for the "Manage App" Lists and to understand how this all fits together with the Permission/Setup Policies.

The cmd-lets for the Policies are almost straight forward, so I'm basically asking:


Is there a concise way to manage the org-wide App Settings/Manage App Lists via PowerShell (MicrosoftTeams module)?

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Ahoi @Schnittlauch!
Thanks for the response. I think I already worked through those. As mentioned, I'm missing some specific settings for which I'm not sure if it just me being blind, or if they are not available via powershell at all.