Get AD Group created date and filter?

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This may be an easy question but I can't seem to figure it out. I want to export all the AD groups in my tenant with createdDateTime as a piece. I tried Get-AzureADGroups but couldn't find a way to get that piece in output. I found it via Graph Explorer but I admit I am still learning that and don't know how to output well. Thanks for any pointers to examples or guides.



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@Brian Hoyt 


Here are two queries you can use in Graph Explorer to get the information you are interested in. 


Get All groups in your Organization


Get All groups in your Organization filtered by ID, Group Name, and Creation Date$select=id,displayName,CreatedDateTime


I personally use the Graph Explorer to interrogate the API and figure out my queries but prefer to use Powershell to execute a Graph API call on a routine basis.  Linked below is a great article to get you started.